List of 170 positive words starting with J with definitions and examples - (2023)

Unsurprisingly, there aren't many positive words that start with J. However, we've managed to come up with a long list for you in this article. Isn't that fascinating?

Knowing these terms will not only expand your vocabulary but also help you speak English fluently. And who doesn't want to surprise with their language skills?

Did you know that the letter J was originally conceived as a typographic embellishment for the letter I? But it's a good thing he won the alphabet position, otherwise we wouldn't be able to discuss positive words starting with J today, right?

We've made a list of positive words starting with J along with their definitions and examples for easy understanding. Keep reading and you will no doubt discover many new terms.

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Positive words starting with J to lighten your mood

Life is full of difficulties and problems, and kind words that start with J can often help you get out of the rut. We are looking at a list of positive words starting with J.

1. Greetings

  • Definition: a feeling of great joy
  • Synonyms: triumph, jubilation, happiness.
  • Example: Don't hesitate to show your joy.

2. Risa See More

  • Definition: a state of joy
  • Synonyms: joy, joviality, joviality
  • Example: I wish the new year brings you happiness.

3rd Grand Prix

  • Definition: an exceptional lottery prize
  • Synonyms: award, benefit, reward.
  • Example: You are lucky to have won this jackpot.

4. juicy

  • definition: full of juice
  • Synonyms: delicious, juicy, watery.
  • Example: This restaurant makes top quality juicy steaks.


  • Definition: Adorned with pearls and jewels.
  • Synonyms: pearls, sequins, jewelry
  • Example: He was given a jeweled belt.

6. Justified

  • definition: characterized by suitability
  • Synonyms: correct, adequate, deserved.
  • Example: He rightly demands his rights.

7. Jamboree

  • Definition: a happy party
  • Synonyms: party, party, carnival.
  • Example: She was invited to the school's annual jamboree.

8. Joke

  • Definition: characterized by humor and comedy.
  • Synonyms: good-natured, playful, funny.
  • Example: She spoke so jokingly that the room roared with laughter.

9. juiciness

  • Definition: the attribute of being juicy
  • Synonyms: deliciousness, palatability, juiciness.
  • Example: I loved your cooked lamb for the flavor and juiciness.

10. Joke

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  • Definition: Any action involving humor and fun.
  • Synonyms: humor, joke, gossip.
  • Example: Your kind joke relieved my stress.

Positive words starting with J to describe a person

Those positive words that start with J to describe someone convey a positive impression of that person! Let's look at the most common phrases used to describe someone positively, starting with J.

1. feliz

  • Definition: full of happiness and joy
  • Synonyms: happy, happy, happy
  • Example: He is a cheerful man and always smiles.

2. reasonable

  • Definition: with the attributes rationality and prudence
  • Synonyms: prudent, wise, sensible.
  • Example: He is always reasonable in his words.

3. Sincerely

  • Definition: full of joy and delight.
  • Synonyms: joyful, euphoric, elated
  • Example: Among us she is the happiest girl.

4. You are getting young

  • Definition: Who is in the youth stage of life.
  • Synonyms: young, young, young.
  • Example: A young man like him always wakes up with high hopes.

5. fun

  • Definition: characterized by humor and fun.
  • Synonyms: fun, humorous, humorous.
  • Example: He is very playful with children.

6. feliz

  • Definition: full of joy and happiness
  • Synonyms: happy, happy, blessed
  • Example: See how happy this child is.

7. Alone

  • Definition: Indication of fairness and objectivity
  • Synonyms: fair, impartial, correct.
  • Example: A just man never makes unfair decisions.

8. cozy

  • Definition: full of joy and euphoria
  • Synonyms: cheerful, happy, sociable.
  • Example: I think he is a smart and happy guy.

9. Feliz

  • Definition: Characterized by a lively mind or behavior.
  • Synonyms: cheerful, lively, cheerful.
  • Example: A handsome boy like you couldn't miss this celebration.

10. Joke

  • Definition: Demonstrate quality humor and fun.
  • Synonyms: playful, humorous, fun.
  • Example: He is a playful man and bold in expressing his happiness.

Positive words starting with J to encourage positive thinking

Whether you've had a setback working towards your goal or are just feeling down, inspirational words can help you stay positive. Check out this list of positive words starting with J to help us stay positive.

1. joy

  • Definition: the feeling of joy and happiness.
  • Synonyms: happiness, delight, pleasure.
  • Example: May you have more joy in your life.

2. Animate

  • Definition: in a charming way
  • Synonyms: happy, happy, happy
  • Example: He told his parents, very happy, that he had got his first job.

3. Placer

  • Definition: a lively celebration
  • Synonyms: joy, party, coexistence
  • Example: We like this outdoor fun.

4. Happiness

  • Definition: feeling cheerful and cheerful.
  • Synonyms: joy, joviality, joviality
  • Example: Your joy brightens the celebration.

5. joke

  • Definition: a state of joy
  • Synonyms: joy, fun, joviality.
  • Example: We wish you a happy new year.

6. Juggling

  • Definition: to balance various activities
  • Synonyms: balance, face
  • Example: He balances work and family very well.

7. Juveneszenz

  • Definition: The state of being young and vital.
  • Synonyms: youth, youth, vitality
  • Example: Your youth and passion can drive you to achieve your goals.

8. Jehovah

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  • definition: characterized by size
  • Synonyms: Lord, Father, Deity
  • Example: He is a chess Jehovah.

9. Testimony

  • Definition: Any action involving humor and fun.
  • Synonyms: joke, humor, joy.
  • Example: Your playfulness can make anyone happy.

10. joy

  • Definition: the attribute of being cheerful
  • Synonyms: joy, joy, joy.
  • Example: Your happiness would prolong your life.

Positive words starting with J to make everyday affirmations

Positive words starting with the letter J are listed below for use in daily affirmations. Take a look at our selection of inspirational words starting with J.

1. Justice

  • Definition: the attribute of right conduct
  • Synonyms: equity, justice, impartiality.
  • Example: I am a defender of justice and virtue.

2. You trade

  • Definition: Expressing joy and pride
  • Synonyms: rejoice, exuberant, celebrate
  • Example: You must be the first to cheer for your achievement.

3. Wisely

  • Definition: rationally
  • Synonyms: reasonable, wise, prudent.
  • Example: I would balance work and private life very sensibly.

4. Jam

  • Definition: to be lucky
  • Synonyms: happy, fortunate, blessed.
  • Example: I'm a cute girl for having such a blessed life.

5. Janoque

  • Definition: direct and straightforward.
  • Synonyms: straight, upright, fair, royal.
  • Example: A Jannock person will never settle for corrupt rewards.

6. neck

  • definition: according to
  • Synonyms: corresponds, corresponds, corresponds
  • Example: My actions match my words.

7. Rightly

  • Definition: fairly and justly
  • Synonyms: good, correct, correct
  • Example: I rightly deserve to maintain respect for myself.

8. good-natured

  • Definition: full of joy and happiness
  • Synonyms: cheerful, fun, happy
  • Example: A bubbly personality can easily weather a storm of difficulties.

9. Have fun

  • Definition: to celebrate exuberantly
  • Synonyms: enjoy, rejoice, appreciate
  • Example: You have to bounce back from a stressful life from time to time.

10. Crowded

  • Definition: full of capacity; with something well taken care of
  • Synonyms: abundant, full to the brim, well supplied
  • Example: My mind is filled with hope and optimism.

Positive words starting with J to lift your spirits

Words have a significant impact on your thinking. Words that start with J and are positive can help you change your approach in difficult situations. Here are some motivational words that start with J.

1. Joke

  • Definition: with humor and playfulness.
  • Synonyms: playful, fun, humorous.
  • Example: The speaker joked about politicians and their cunning.

second jewel

  • Definition: a gem used to adorn valuable objects
  • Synonyms: jewel, treasure, masterpiece.
  • Example: It's a gem from your sports club.

3. wavering

  • Definition: Characterized by an energetic and lively movement.
  • Synonyms: playful, lively, playful.
  • Example: This child's shaky walk was a healing moment.

4. alegre

  • Definition: full of emotion and joy
  • Synonyms: happy, fun, exciting
  • Example: It was a nice walk.

5. hunted

  • Definition: Shaped by energy and life.
  • Synonyms: enthusiastic, excited, active.
  • Example: I was so excited to be on stage.

6. Start

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  • Definition: pushing something forward to get started
  • Synonyms: strengthen, revitalize, stimulate
  • Example: Your speech would boost your confidence.

7. gib

  • Definition: causing humor and laughter
  • Synonyms: fun, pleasure, laughter.
  • Example: He laughs at his own comments.

8. Excursion

  • Definition: a short and pleasant trip
  • Synonyms: trip, excursion, expedition
  • Example: You need to take a break from the hectic everyday life for a good trip.

9. Jazzy

  • Definition: Characterized by striking shades of different colors.
  • Synonym: hell, touch, touch
  • Example: This shiny jacket looks good on you.

10. nervous

  • Definition: clean and tidy.
  • Synonyms: pure, good, good
  • Example: Your elegant and shiny appearance shows that you belong to a noble family.

Positive words starting with J to inspire you

You should have a well-stocked vocabulary of positive J-words to draw inspiration from. Let's quickly run through the words before we dive into the world of inspirational words starting with J.

1. Happiness

  • Definition: the attribute of being fun and lighthearted
  • Synonyms: joy, joviality, joviality
  • Example: The old man's joy shows how young he is at heart.

2. Jumbos

  • Definition: of enormous size
  • Synonyms: gigantic, big, colossal
  • Example: a giant pizza would satisfy them.

3. Names

  • Definition: in a jovial way
  • Synonyms: cheerful, cheerful, cheerful
  • Example: He joyfully announced the birth of his first daughter.

4. fun

  • Definition: characterized by fun and humor.
  • Synonyms: strange, funny, humorous.
  • Example: Your joke speech was full of sarcasm.

5. feliz

  • Definition: in a cheerful way
  • Synonyms: cheerful, cheerful, happy.
  • Example: They happily greeted him.

6. Jazzy

  • definition: jazzy
  • Synonyms: fiery, lively, temperamental.
  • Example: He danced jazz to the beat.

7. De device open

  • definition: lively dance
  • Synonyms: stagger, dance.
  • Example: She was dancing to her partner's tango style.

8. Jolif

  • Definition: full of entertainment and joy
  • Synonyms: cheerful, fun, pleasant
  • Example: He always teaches in a cheerful environment.

9. Feliz

  • Definition: in a cheerful way
  • Synonyms: cheerful, pleasant, fun
  • Example: You can see drops of water falling happily when it rains.

10. Enjoy

  • Definition: A state of happiness and joy.
  • Synonyms: joy, delight, jubilation
  • Example: For her, even talking to him is a pleasure.

Positive words starting with J to cheer up your friend

Here are some words of encouragement that start with a J. It's nice to be recognized by someone we care about, even if we don't always know how to properly accept the gesture. Let's look at the list of motivational words that start with J.

1. Junoesk

  • Definition: in an attractive way
  • Synonyms: curvy, curvaceous, shapely.
  • Example: Your tall, junoesque figure is admired by everyone.

2. alegre

  • Definition: full of joy and happiness
  • Synonyms: happy, alive, sunny.
  • Example: I enjoy your company because of your cheerful nature.

3. Jim-Dandy

  • definition: good quality
  • Synonyms: fine, excellent, sensational.
  • Example: This is one of those Jim Dandy yachts you have.

4. Jo

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  • Definition: Who is adored and loved.
  • Synonyms: dear, beloved, bae
  • Example: This is my son Anne, whom I loved very much.

5. Scottish

  • Definition: someone who is passionate about something.
  • Synonyms: enthusiastic, passionate, fanatic.
  • Example: My friend is a machine athlete so he chose mechanical engineering.

6. Joke

  • Definition: a fun tease
  • Synonyms: joke, mockery, jokes.
  • Example: We always joke around when we're alone.

7. Jaime

  • Definition: clean and slender
  • Synonyms: pure, elegant, slender.
  • Example: He is a nice and handsome guy.

8. Justice

  • Definition: the attribute of being fair
  • Synonyms: uprightness, uprightness, sincerity
  • Example: I trust my friend's moral justice.

9. Jets

  • Definition: a privileged class
  • Synonyms: elegant, high-quality, elitist.
  • Example: He always throws some jet set parties on his birthday.

10. joke

  • Definition: making jokes; speak humorously or lightly
  • Synonyms: child, provocation
  • Example: You always crack jokes at the office to entertain your colleagues.

Positive words starting with J to increase optimism

These positive J words are a reminder that a positive attitude is crucial to effectively overcoming life's obstacles. Good words starting with J can be found here.

1. Get up

  • Definition: An increase or increase
  • Synonyms: increase, rise
  • Example: You recently received a pay raise.

2. Impressive

  • Definition: this is very impressive
  • Synonyms: impressive, surprising, impressive
  • Example: She can be a great model due to her stunning looks.

3. justifiable

  • Definition: capable of being justified by reason
  • Synonyms: reasonable, legitimate, valid.
  • Example: This is a valid reason.

4. Salta

  • Definition: (in the Caribbean) an opportunity for mass dancing and fun, as at a carnival
  • Synonyms: party, dance.
  • Example: Wednesday is the big jump, but something always happens.

5. Jake

  • Definition: which is appropriate depending on the conditions
  • Synonyms: satisfactory, appropriate, acceptable.
  • Example: Looks like you can go ahead with this press release, jake.

6. Y

  • Definition: what makes you laugh
  • Synonyms: prank, prank, prank.
  • Example: It was just a little twist of fate that you always meet your opponent in restaurants.

7. Joke

  • Definition: characterized by humor and seriousness.
  • Synonyms: humour, seriousness
  • Example: He always jokes about politics.

8. alegre

  • Definition: in a cheerful way
  • Synonyms: happy, happy, happy
  • Example: She happily said yes when he proposed.

9. alegre

  • Definition: Characterized by feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Synonyms: cheerful, happy, delighted
  • Example: She would be happy to celebrate your success.

10. fun

  • Definition: full of fun and intelligence.
  • Synonyms: fun, fun, humorous.
  • Example: I love your joke greetings.

Positive Words Starting With J - Complete List (170 Words)

In this article, we saw a lot of positive words. All positive words starting with the letter J are included in the list. This is the most comprehensive list of positive words starting with J available on the Internet.

  • Health
  • happiness
  • bote
  • Juicy
  • tanned
  • justified
  • Frankel
  • in joke
  • succulence
  • for kids
  • Lustig
  • Reasonable
  • jubilant
  • you are getting younger
  • Funny
  • alegre
  • Only
  • Heiter
  • alegre
  • in joke
  • Happiness
  • jubilant
  • highlighter
  • happiness
  • Joke
  • juggling
  • rejuvenation
  • playfulness
  • happiness
  • justice
  • animate
  • Reasonable
  • jelly
  • Jannock
  • Neck
  • Correctly
  • you are kidding
  • happiness
  • full of things
  • in joke
  • joya
  • playful
  • alegre
  • hunted
  • good start
  • but
  • optional trip
  • Impressive
  • Jimmy
  • hilarity
  • Jumbo
  • Jovial
  • Funny
  • Carefree
  • Impressive
  • Model
  • jolif
  • Lustig
  • Pleasure
  • Junoesk
  • alegre
  • Jim-Dandy
  • jo
  • sportsman
  • for kids
  • academia
  • justice
  • Jets
  • for kids
  • increase
  • Incredible
  • justified
  • Jump high
  • jake
  • Es
  • in joke
  • alegre
  • alegre
  • in joke
  • Together
  • journalism
  • Complete
  • in joke
  • Richter
  • idiot
  • Krug
  • confront
  • selva
  • jurisdiction
  • official
  • Junior
  • playful
  • no time
  • justice
  • justification
  • run
  • Together
  • birthday
  • youth
  • Jakulierbar
  • Schreiner
  • Jade
  • Jazz
  • Jacket
  • highly tense
  • Jasmine
  • race
  • jelly
  • Judicial
  • connection point
  • jester
  • Trip
  • Jargon
  • highly tense
  • Cross
  • Jaguar
  • tied together
  • Justify
  • Puzzle
  • good start
  • My God
  • Jaegar
  • Juggler
  • in joke
  • To whom
  • Jewelers
  • Jockey
  • Julep
  • The work
  • Jessant
  • Tonto
  • joss
  • Jitterbug
  • Jesus
  • jocular
  • To work
  • Judo
  • Junket
  • playfulness
  • Witzbold
  • tournaments
  • Hall
  • write diary
  • To connect
  • Funny
  • all-terrain
  • Live
  • jiggle
  • To hold
  • alegre
  • Kiefer
  • Collective
  • rip
  • Hop
  • Hop
  • judgment
  • joya
  • Mixed
  • jacob
  • tanned
  • Goop
  • Jose
  • run
  • daily
  • Joyride
  • Jinnee
  • Pensioner
  • Jollo
  • damn you

Final thoughts on positive words starting with J

Thanks for reading this post. I hope these positive words starting with J can help you.increase your quality of life.

We live in a society where stress is present in every corner and we are always looking for ways to deal with it. One of the things that can help you deal with stress is to use positive words that start with J.

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You can improve your day by using these positive words starting with J that will make you feel good physically and emotionally. These phrases are certainly helpful, but you need to add more to the list of positive words starting with J given above if you want to surround yourself with optimism.


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